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Voicemail Setup
Last Updated 5 years ago

Each phone has a hard “MESSAGE” key. This key will light when you have a new voicemail waiting. Pressing this key connects you to the voicemail system, allowing you to retrieve your messages. This key will allow you to access the voicemail system for setting up your voicemail prompts as well.

There are two different greetings for your voicemail. One greeting is a “Self Identification” greeting used by the system and should consist of you saying your name. The other is your “Greeting Message” and is the one that plays if a caller reaches your voicemail. This “Greeting Message” should be similar to:

“Hi, you have reached the voicemail of “your name”. I am either away from my desk or on another call. Please leave your name, number and a brief message and I will return your call as soon as possible.”

From your phone, select the “MESSAGE” button, enter your pin followed by the # key, select “9” for setup options.

To configure the “Self Identification” message select “5” and follow the prompts.

To configure the “Greeting Message” select “8” and follow the prompts.

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