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Hughesnet Issues
Last Updated 4 years ago

There is an issue using iBoss with Hughesnet satellite internet.  Below are details to fix.  If you have any issues, please fill out a ticket and I'll contact you at earliest convenience and help you work through it.

To disable the “Turbo Page” feature in HughesNet’s system settings:

  • In your browser’s address bar (where you type in website addresses), type:
    • If a login promp appears, enter your username and/or current password to login to change your router’s settings. If you have not changed these and they are still the factory default, they will be listed in your setup manual or on your device.
  • Next to a link titled “System Information” click the small “i” icon. This takes you to the Advanced Menu.
  • From here, click “Web Acceleration”.
  • Select Control
  • Then select Enable/Reset
  • Click Disable, then OK.
  • The Web Acceleration feature should now be disabled.
  • Pictures here (should be a similar look):

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