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Can't touch or write on SMARTBoard
Last Updated 5 years ago

SMART System Menu
In the Windows Search box, type "SMART System Menu"
Click on "SMART System Menu"
In the lower right corner, click the up-facing arrow and then right-click on the blue box with white circle and a little red X on it.
Click SMART Settings
Click Connection Wizard
As soon as the green check shows up, you can cancel.
If it doesn't show, complete the wizard, but you will likely need to call IT if nothing shows there.

Here is a little older video to help guide you:

SMART Ink (if inking isn't working after running System Menu)
In the Windows Search box, type "SMART Ink"
Click on "SMART Ink"
You should see the SMART Ink indicator pop up on screen when you pick up a pen.

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